Santa Clara 1728



Santa Clara 1728

— Lisbon’s best design hotel off the radar

During these past few years, I have experienced some beautiful hotels and properties around the world, thanks to my job as a travel writer and photographer. As stunning as these might have been, few places have made me feel at home as the Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon. This may sound silly, but sometimes when visiting 'luxurious' properties around the world, I can't help but feel a bit misplaced. You know, the feeling of being underdressed in sneakers and jeans, or the total silence surrounding a place that makes you tiptoe around the property.

Well, this was far from the case at Santa Clara 1728. Not only was it by far the most stunning accommodation, but it was also one of the pleasant and relaxing stays I've ever had.As soon as entering this 18th century building on a charming square in Lisbon's Santa Clara neighbourhood, owner João Rodrigues and his family made us feel more than welcome. The Santa Clara 1728 is not a typical hotel, nor is it a bed & breakfast. It's more like a family house consisting of a hall with a comfortable relaxing area, a stunning dining room and kitchen on the ground floor as well as six suites in two different categories.


Every morning, delicious breakfast is served in the dining room, and in the afternoons when returning after a day of exploring Lisbon, the chef had prepared us a home-baked cake and tea as a perfect little break. I usually don't spend much time in hotels when on city trips, but I must admit, these surroundings made it difficult not too. Just look at the bath tub! And the elevated bed.. Or that view to the National Pantheon with the Lisbon light streaming in.We are currently redecorating our bedroom at home in Copenhagen (small interior changes that will hopefully look more substantial than they actually are) and I think subconsciously, I've had the Santa Clara aesthetic in mind.

Naturally, there are some restrictions since we won't get a free-standing marble bath tub or that wooden bed frame any time soon, but the colour theme and materials are definitely on my dream bedroom wish list. The attention to detail and thoughtfulness of this place make a stay here more than memorable, and the combination of lots of privacy and the welcoming team always ready to suggest their favourite Lisbon restaurants and sights make me truly wish I will be back one day. If you have any questions regarding the Santa Clara 1728, feel free to ask them in the comments below. For more information and for booking a suite here, please find all information on their website here.


— Our stay in Lisbon was complimentary. Thank you to the Santa Clara 1728 for having us —