Vipp Shelter




Vipp Shelter

— Danish design in the Swedish woods

A visit to the Vipp Shelter in Sweden has long been on my wish list and this December, I finally got the chance to go. I worked with Vipp on an Advent calendar posted on my Instagram account, and one Sunday, a lucky follower of mine was treated to a night at the shelter. Of course, I couldn't promote a stay here without having experienced it or photographed it myself (that's one good result from my dogma about never posting press images as beautiful as these may be).


This shelter is not a hotel, and although Vipp sometimes host press events here, it's not really open to the public. Thus, I felt lucky to experience it first hand! Naturally, there's a deeper meaning behind this project, as shelters similar to this one are actually for sale. Meaning if you have a piece of land, some money to spend and a fondness of quality industrial design with a Scandinavian feel, you can get one for yourself! 


The shelter is located on the shores of a lake in the South of Sweden in the most peaceful surroundings. Although the rain was pouring down pretty much constantly from when we arrived on Friday evening and left on Sunday afternoon, it was the perfect weekend getaway, and just what I needed during an otherwise busy December filled with deadlines. The pouring rain also made for a good excuse to spend the weekend inside, which I must admit, felt pretty great; we did venture to the nearest town for a little Swedish 'fika'; cinnamon bun and coffee, but other than that, it was the quietest weekend I've had in a long time.

When I hear the word 'shelter', this setup is not exactly what comes to mind. A normal shelter is something a little more rustic, I would say, like a small shed designed solely to shelter from rain when camping. The Vipp Shelter is a lot more luxurious, more like a small house with the feature that it's for sale as iseverything included. From towels to pedal bins to dining table and kitchen; the only decision the owner has to make is simply where to put the shelter (and with the large open kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows, somewhere scenic is recommended!).


For more information on the Vipp Shelter, check their website here, and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below. As mentioned earlier, this is not a hotel you can book (I am sorry about that to everyone asking!).

But, if you're interested, do keep an eye on the Vipp Instagram profile as they do occasionally offer special trips to the shelter. Thank you Vipp for a memorable weekend, and for being a pleasure to work with! 


— Thank you Vipp for partnering on this post —