Redefining Ordinary Copenhagen with Canon



Redefining ordinary Copenhagen

— Old favorites in a new light

As you may have noticed via my Instagram profile, I am currently working with Canon on a large campaign in which we set out to redefine ordinary. The reason for this is that Canon has just launched the brand new EOS M5; a compact camera that has already become a good friend of mine over these past few weeks. Some of you photographers out there might agree that lugging around a heavy DSLR isn't always carefree, and quite often, my back and shoulders suffer from the extra weight (I really should work out more, but that's a whole other story).

Nevertheless, I have been reluctant in getting a smaller camera, since I don't want to compromise on quality. However, I have fallen quite hard for the M5, and though the 15-45mm lens I received with it has been really great to shoot with, I also really like the fact that with an adapter, you're able to use all your Canon-lenses with the camera. Also, it has wifi, which makes it pretty much a perfect partner whether traveling or just capturing ordinary life at home here in Copenhagen.




As part of this campaign, Canon and Google challenged me to #RedefineOrdinary and I had a long think about which places to photograph that would make sense for both this campaign but also for my personal style as a photographer. Eventually, I decided to visit five of my favourite places in town; places I have photographed once or several times before, and places that are indeed 'ordinary' in the sense that they have all been heavily photographed and Instagrammed — myself being guilty of this.

With this handy camera round my neck, I tried to capture them less ordinary; to notice details I hadn't before, to see new angles. The Botanical Garden was my first stop, and the popular iron winding stairs suddenly looked different than they normally do (plus, somehow the lens on the M5 didn't end up all steamy as cameras normally do in the humid greenhouses; don't ask me why, but ir was pretty great!).




I'm sure you've all seen a million photos of the colourful facades accompanied by sailing boats floating in the canal and hordes of tourists enjoying ice cream on the docks. Nyhavn is a tourist trap indeed, but that doesn't change the fact that you will find some of the most beautiful houses in town on this stretch.

When visiting on this early spring day where the sky couldn't decide whether it wanted to be overcast or sunny, I tried to look up, and to capture a feeling of quietness in the otherwise busy scenes. Perhaps not an ordinary scene in the daily life of most Copenhageners; however ordinary in the sense of being one of the most common images appearing when googling Copenhagen. 




The harbour bath in Kastrup is without doubt an Instagram darling amongst locals. Most people capture the 'snail' as we call it in its full glory, since the wooden structures designed by White Architects look beautiful floating in the water by Kastrup Strandpark.

I always enjoy walking just ten minutes north of the harbour bath heading towards the city, where a small pier and a floating bathing jetty appear. It's a great place to jump in the water on hot summer days, but it's also a perfect spot for a quiet walk during wintertime when there is no one else around.




Höst is a favourite restaurant of mine interior wise, and I have been by quite a few times since they first opened up to photograph it for various guides on Copenhagen (and to have dinner, of course!). The greenhouse vibe with lots of plants, wooden tables and large windows separating the different dining areas make for a beautiful setting.

This time, I looked for details instead of photographing the beautiful rooms themselves, and captured the custom dinner ware designed by Norm Architects as well as the meeting between the vintage wooden table and the minimalism of the white HAY chair.




With its whitewashed walls, spiral walks and great views of the city, the Round Tower makes a frequent appearance on social media after people have been visiting Copenhagen. When I visited with the EOS M5 in hand, I tried to look for the less ordinary; the light reflections on the cobbled stoned floors, a new angle to the white walls and beautiful windows.

As part of my work with Canon on the launch of this new campaign, photographer Kenneth Nguyen and I have created a series of tutorials in which we test out the new camera; if you're interested you can find all the videos here, and for all information on the new Canon EOS M5, please see link here.


— Thank you Canon for partnering on this post —