Central hotel


If you have done just the slightest amount of research on where to go in Copenhagen, you have probably already heard about Central Hotel & Café. Lately, this place has been featured in Copenhagen travel guides around the world and after a visit, it's easy to understand why. Located in the hip neighbourhood of Vesterbro, this hotel with only one room is actually the smallest one in the world. And what a place! The tiny building consists of a combined coffeeshop/lobby and upstairs you will find a room with a double bed. Non-guests are more than welcome in the cafe, but since it is quite small, you just have to try your luck at getting a seat. In summer months there is outdoor seating as well, which makes room for some more coffee drinking people. Since the hotel can only accomodate two people at a time, you are bound to get a personal and different experience here. 

The sweet Cathrine who was behind the counter today told me that guests who book the room also get two bikes (a must when visiting Copenhagen!) and an iPhone during the stay included in the price. An iPhone! That is such a brilliant idea - giving tourists the opportunity to go online whenever they feel like it without having to depend on wifi. I know I would appreciate that when travelling. When you wake up hungry in the morning, all you have to do is find your way to the café Granola on Værnedamsvej, which is about two minutes from the hotel. Show them your key and you get two large breakfast plates included in the price. Granola is one of the best places for breakfast in the area, so your day in Copenhagen will start in the best way possible.